Eric’s Famous Energy Root Beer

010 - Eric's Famous Energy Root Beer

Producer: Eric’s Energy Co., Mill Creek, WA
Obtained At: Ordered online from the Root Beer Store
Container: 12 ounce glass bottle
Ingredients: Carbonated water, cane sugar, raw honey, maltodextrin, natural flavors, guarana extract, phosphoric acid, caffeine, niacin (B3), kola nut, ginseng, guarana seed, vanilla
Calories: 160
Sugars: 42
Caffeine: Yes

This root beer has a long story. During my last year of law school, I celebrated the end of a semester by ordering several new kinds of root beer from the Root Beer Store. They were all fantastic except for this one. I like the idea of root beer with caffeine because I love root beer (obviously) and often like to consume caffeine as well, so the combination usually works well for me. I decided to bring this with me to work so I could fully benefit from the energy aspect of this drink. When I got to work, however, I noticed that the bottle was full of particles, large and small. It was disgusting to say the least. If I let the particles settle, they filled up the bottom third of the bottle.

I chose not to drink it at work and instead to contact the Root Beer Store when I returned home. Here is the email exchange that took place:

Me: “I ordered six bottles of root beer from you recently. Five of the root beers were great, but the bottle of Eric’s Famous Root Beer Soda has large chunks of solid particles floating in it. I haven’t opened it because it is full of huge particles and am obviously not going to drink it. I was wondering what your policy is on returns/exchanges considering the shipping costs involved.”

TRBS: “Hello, this is a very common question and I totally understand your thinking. However, that is the way that it is made and that is totally normal. We have gone around in circles with this and called the manufacturer and spoke with them and that is the way they manufacture it.”

Me: “So it’s supposed to have chunks floating in it?”

TRBS: “It’s actually quite gross…but yes it is:)”

They suggested that I contact the bottler if I was still concerned, which is exactly what I did. I sent the bottler an email outlining the story and asking whether it was actually supposed to have chunks floating in it. Unfortunately, I received no response.

I eventually decided to open the bottle and strain the root beer through a coffee filter so I could at least taste it. It tasted horrible. I’m not convinced every bottle is in the condition mine was because there is no way they could stay in business. I am open to trying this one again and may order it in the future simply to ease my incredulity. But for now this gets zero out of ten, a rating I reserve for atrocities such as this.



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