Challenge Root Beer


Producer: Sunderland Supply Co., Saint Paul, MN
Obtained At: Red Barn Root Beer Stand at the Minnesota State Fair
Container: On tap
Caffeine: No

I have never heard of this before so I had to try it out. I waited in line for twenty minutes to get a cup of it. The line was actually really short but the service was extremely slow. But alas I got my hands on it. The branding was confusing to say the least. The actual stand did not have a name anywhere, but the employees’ shirts said “Red Barn Root Beer” and when I look that up I get a map showing exactly where I found this. So I’m going with that for the name of the place where I got this. As for the type of root beer, I was very careful to make sure that it was not just an A&W fountain or something like that because I actually waited in line at one before this that turned out to just have a fountain like you’d find at McDonalds. Here they poured from a keg with the name Challenge Root Beer. It also says “Sunderland Supply Co. St. Paul, Minn.” That’s all I know because my research has not provided me with any other information.

On to the taste test: The taste is weird and not really that good, especially when compared to the other root beers available at the state fair, like 1919. Also, they put ice in it, which dilutes the flavor and makes it seem like something you would get at a fast food restaurant. There is no head to speak of either. Overall, this one is not worth your time at the fair. Get root beer somewhere else.



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