Cicero Beverage Co. Salted Caramel Root Beer

030 - Cicero Beverage Co Salted Caramel Root Beer

Producer: Cicero Beverage Co.
Obtained At: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store
Container: 12 ounce glass bottle
Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, natural and artificial flavor, salt, sodium benzoate, and citric acid
Calories: 180
Sugars: 45g
Caffeine: No

This is another one I have seen online recently and really wanted to try. I really enjoy different twists in root beer, especially butterscotch root beer. So when I saw this at Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store I was very excited. The label has a city skyline with caramel running through it, which is pretty cool. The taste, however, is not as good as I was hoping. It has no head or fizz and doesn’t blend as well as the butterscotch ones. It definitely tastes like caramel, but the root beer doesn’t quite come out enough. I still think that all root beer enthusiasts should give this one a try, but temper your expectations.




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