Hosmer Mountain Diet Root Beer


Producer: Hosmer Mountain Bottling Co., Willimantic, CT
Obtained At: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store
Container: 12 ounce glass bottle
Ingredients: Carbonated nonchlorinated water, natural and artificial flavor, caramel color, fructose, glycine, aspartame, potassium benzoate, calcium saccharin, carbohydrate gum, citric acid, acelfame k, malic acid
Calories: Less than 2
Sugars: 5g
Caffeine: No

A Connecticut-made root beer I bought while on vacation in Minnesota. The label is truly unique. I don’t think I have seen another soda label like this one, which is saying a lot. After looking at the label, I noticed that this one has a lot more ingredients than the usual root beer. Also, it’s a diet root beer but has 5 grams of sugar and “less than 2” calories. I have had Hosmer Mountain root beer and sarsaparilla several times before and always enjoyed it, so I’m hoping I will like this one too. The taste is decent as far as diet root beer goes. It’s drinkable and everything you can really hope for in a diet root beer. But it’s not the best diet root beer I’ve ever had.



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