Twisted Root Beer

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Producer: Twisted Root Burger Co.
Obtained At: Dallas Fort Worth Airport
Container: Soda fountain
Caffeine: No

Over Thanksgiving, my fiancée and I flew out to New Mexico to visit her dad. We had a layover in Dallas and I was barely off the airplane before my fiancée was pointing out this restaurant to me and asking, “Do you think they have root beer?” And sure enough, they had root beer. She is always one step ahead of me in finding new root beer. So we went in and got lunch and, of course, root beer. The root beer is actually really good. It is surprisingly rich and creamy. I don’t really expect such a full flavor from a restaurant’s root beer but this one is really good. It doesn’t have much head, as you can see from the pictures, but it is a pleasant surprise on a day when I wasn’t really looking for a new drink. If you stop by a Twisted Root Burger Co. restaurant, definitely get the root beer. Oh and enjoy the t-rex bumper sticker décor.



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